Dr. Fernando Martinez Merino

Award for the best doctor in Spain

Dr. Fernando Martínez

Doctor specializing in podiatric foot surgery

Fernando Martínez Merino is a renowned podiatrist in the province of Almería with almost two decades of professional experience and extensive training in different fields of the specialty, in centers in Spain and the United States, such as the New York College of Podiatric Medicine and the East Valley Foot and Ankle Specialist.


Specifically, he is an expert in bunion surgery, podiatric surgery, eco-guided interventionism, claw toe, flat feet, footprint study, ultrasound-guided infiltrations, sports podiatry, plantar fasciitis, ingrown toenail and foot surgery, among other podiatric problems, where its exclusive dedication to foot surgery.


Throughout his career He has combined his care work with teaching, being a professor of the Master's Degree in Clinical Podiatry and Advanced Podiatric Surgery at the European University of Madrid, professor of the Master's Degree in Podiatric Surgery at the University of Seville and professor at the Spanish Association of Podiatric Surgery, professor in the Master's Degree in Podiatric Surgery. Foot of the Catholic University of Murcia, in the annual courses. Is founder of the Spanish Academy of Podiatric Surgery  where he works as a teacher, monitor and responsible for training in Surgical Techniques.


He also carries out an important informative task, being a national and international speaker on Podiatry and Author and co-author of several scientific publications and books on the subject. Likewise, he is awarded the Accreditation Certificate in Comprehensive Training in Foot and Ankle Pathology and Surgery (BOARD) and with the award for the best podiatrist according to Doctoralia in 2017. He is also considered by Top Doctors as one of the best medical specialists in 2020, becoming the first and only Spanish podiatrist to enter that list.Currently practicing in Indalpodologists clinics and HLA Polyclinics, where he is the Director of podiatric services at the Poniente, Parador, Levante and Almería Polyclinics.

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