Xavier Font


I’m Xavier Font and I have been dedicating myself for more than 18 years to improve people’s health with my hands through physical therapy and osteopathy.

I began my studies as a therapist in 2000, coursing the degree in physical therapy in the Escuela Universitaria de Enfermería y Fisioterapia Blanquerna and later on I moved to France, where I worked for eight years.

In 2010, I decided to begin my studies in osteopathy in the Escuela de Osteopatía de Barcelona with the need to find a different approach and a way to understand patients that can allow me to accompany them better.

Four years later, I opened my own office as an osteopath in Barcelona, in addition to offering my services in different clinics. In parallel, during those years, I have also worked as a teacher in the Escuela de Osteopatía de Barcelona, as assistant professor and French translator in regular classes and postgraduate education

My professional journey as an osteopath has made me fall deeper in love each day with this discipline and I have continued educating myself in different areas of osteopathy, such as craneal field biodynamics.