Saray Moraleda

Aesthetic Medicine

My name is Saray. Graduated in Medicine and Surgery at Universidad autónoma de Barcelona (2016) and specialized in Aesthetic Medicine, Nutrition and Anti-Aging from Universidad a distancia de Madrid (2020). In addition, I am currently studying a master’s degree in Clinical Psychoimmunology at Regenera University.

Aesthetic medicine is a field that I am passionate about. I believe that internal well-being is just as important for health as external well-being, which is why I specialized in aesthetic medicine and currently combine my work as a general practitioner and aesthetic doctor.

Since 2018 I have been working as a general practitioner at the Institut Català de Salut in a CAP in Vallès Occidental. Being in daily contact with patients with pathologies made me rethink medicine from a more physiological point of view, wanting not only to help cure and treat the problem, but also to identify the origin and be able to help patients improve their quality of life. This is why in 2021 I began my studies in Clinical Psychoneuroimmunology.

At Matternitas you will find me offering the aesthetic medicine service and contributing to your external well-being to enhance internal well-being. Because looking good is feeling good.