Iraia Lekue

Pelvic floor Physiotherapist

My name is Iraia, and I’m physiotherapist specialized in pelvic floor, and I’m mommy of a seven-year-old boy.

Since I finished my studies (Universidad Ramón Rull) back in 2002, I was sure that the rehabilitation of pelvic floors was going to be my work-related passion. I completed my specialization Masters in Barcelona and since then I have continued training myself and working in various centers of the condal city.

I am specialized in urogynecology, physiosexology, and coloproctology. In addition to the hypopressive method, and visceral neuromiostatics.

I currently combine my work at Matternitas with other private centers and I also dedicate part of my time to teaching.

Being able to help other women in their pregnancies and postpartum is very enrichening, as the maternal experience begins with a good physical recovery. I evaluate, diagnose, and treat all the dysfunctions related with the changes that come with pregnancy and delivery, aside from preparing the pelvic floor for the moment of delivery.

I also treat masculine urological disorders, providing resources to improve my patients’ quality of life.