Cristina Pérez Villalta

CEO & Matternita´s Founder


I’m Cristina, Midwife (Kingston University) and nurse (Universitat Ramon Llull). 

I was trained in the UK where I discovered the exciting world of maternity and everything that surrounds it. I worked for three years in a renowned hospital from NHS in London, working together with great professiponals, where I learned a lot and began to have a more respectful, empowering, evidenced-based, and, above all, humane prespective of maternity. 

After a while I returned to Barcelona, my hometown, where I have continued working as a midwife in different hospitals, public and private, and in a home birth team, Birth Barcelona, founded along with two other midwives, Anna and Maria, who are great professionals, coworkers and friends .

I am hyphnobirthing instructor and I am certified in advanced and neonatal CPR.

Mother of two. The first child, Sean, born in a hospital in 2019, and the second one, Havana, born at home in 2021. They are my greatest life project and the biggest reason why I am here now. Experiencing motherhood firsthand has meant an inflection point in which I have ratified and reaffirmed the need to be accompanied in an individalized, respected, and avobe all, human way. It is a vital moment in which all that sorrounds it and the professionals that take care of us are a key point and very important to be able to live this moment in a positive and wonderful way.

Being part of such a vital moment for families is an absolute privilege. That makes me want to continue offering more of myself and to continue adding moments with you. This and my passion towards my profession took me in 2022 to create Matternitas, a space by and for families.