Alina Usik


I’m Alina, Doula and mother of a daughter that was born in Barcelona and who gave me the unforgettable experience of a natural breech delivery.

I’m Russian, I grew up in Saint Petersburg, I lived many years in Italy, where I met my husband, and I have lived in Barcelona for eight years.

I’m a Doula since 2014. I am also a yoga professor, professor of accompaniment of women during pregnancy and delivery with dance, movement, voice, and song (Empowering Birth, Netherlands), specialized in Ayurvedic prenatal and postnatal massage, and therapist in the psychology aroma method. In addition to this, I am studying to become a holistic midwife.

I have accompanied many foregin and local women and families during pregnancies and deliveries, helping them feel relaxed and to trust the process

Passionate about the magic of motherhood, delivering and being born, and honored to be able to accompany this process.

I think that my biggest role is to encourage having mothers be respected, heard, accompanied, and for them and their families to be able to live this magic with no worries and in complete love and trust