Non-invasive Prenatal Test in Barcelona

Detection of possible chormosomal abnormalities

The non-invasive prenatal test is a prenatal screening test that helps detect chromosomal anomalies in the fetus through a maternal blood test from the 10th week of the pregnancy.

It’s a technique that does not put the pregnancy at risk and offers the detection of the main chromosomal alterations (Down, Edwards, and Patau syndromes), with an accuracy of more than 99%. In addition to this, it offers the possibility of confirming the fetal sex.

It is carried out by the midwife in a visit in which, aside from doing the extraction of the blood sample, she will take care of offering all the information related to the procedure, and answering all your doubts.

Once we get the results, the midwife will contact you again to explain them.








En todos los casos, incluye visita con la matrona.
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