Personalized Follow up

The midwife consultation is a space of accompaniment, in tranquility, dedicating the time you need, in which we will resolve all your doubts.

The aim of the midwife visit is to accompany you throughout the search for pregnancy, the pregnancy follow up, and the postpartum period, so that you can go through calmly, free of worries, and empowered.

The visit always focuses on your needs. We always work making each case an individual one.

In search of pregnancy, we help you learn your cycles, we recommend good nutritional habits and healthy lifestyles, we will discuss the need to take nutritional supplements, we’ll assess risk factors, and we will help you optimize all the resources possible to increase the chances of getting pregnant and, at the same time, contributing to its healthiest and safest development..

During the pregnancy, we offer a monitorization, from the beginning and throughout the entire pregnancy, or specific visits in accordance to your needs.

During pregnancy visits, aside from completing routinary controls and checking the maternal fetal wellbeing, we will address all the matters that can come up and cause worry, such as: birth plan, place of delivery, what to prepare for the baby’s arrival, bureaucracy… and any other matter that can worry you.

After delivery, at Matternitas, we will continue to help you during these first weeks in which countless doubts arise and where you will need more than ever to have a close accompaniment that is respectful and humane. We offer a postpartum check, removal of stitches/grapples, breastfeeding advice, answers to doubts related to the baby…

We also offer this servie at home.



Visit at Matternitas


Home visit (Barcelona city)

We offer special prices with the contracting of packs