Ear Piercing

Sterile, manual and silent system

At Matternitas, to do the piercings, we use a sterile system that is manual and silent and doesn’t scare babies.

Earrings can be placed from the first days after the child is born.

The midwife is the one who does the piercing and we offer to do it while they’re breastfeeding or having a bottle to make sure they’re calmer and relaxed. In older children and adults, we offer anesthetic cream

The earrings are included in the price and you can choose among many models of earrings, all of them sterile and of the highest quality.

After placement, we will explain the basic cares you will have to follow, which are very simple.

Within the price, a second visit is included after 3 weeks to check and change the earrings for yours if you’d like.



Ear piercing
(includes the earrings. If you wish we also come to your place. The price for home ear piercing is 65 euros)