Doula Accompaniment

Emotional and physical accompaniment

At Matternitas, we know how important it is to feel well accompanied on the road towards motherhood, that is why we also have a Doula service.

Our Doula offers emotional and physical accompaniment during pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum. 

There are studies that have shown that the doulaā€™s emotional support in the family has benefits during the delivery, such as a reduction of up to 50% of C-sections, 40% of use of forceps, 60% use of epidural, or a 25% reduction of the duration of the deliveries. All this, of course, as a supplement to a good health assistance (ā€œA Doula Makes the Differenceā€ Nugent, Mothering Magazine (1998)).

Our Doula, in addition to this, also helps you to organize the delivery at home or in the hospital for both resident and non-resident foreigners in Barcelona.