Breastfeeding Café

Free meeting

The breastfeeding café is a free support workshop we offer at Matternitas during pregnancy, postpartum, and parenting.

Are you pregnant? Have you just become a mommy and have countless doubts? Are you breastfeeding and would want to share your experience with other mommies? Do you feel like parenting is overwhelming? If you have any of these doubts or others of the likes, this workshop is for you!

Our breastfeeding café is a space moderated by a midwife, directed towards all pregnant and parenting families, mommies that are doing exclusive, mixed, or artificial breastfeeding. It doesn’t matter what your situation is, or where you are at the moment, it’s an honor and pleasure for us to be able to accompany you in this journey.

These mommy meetings are to create a tribe, share with other families the doubts and uncertainties that surround lactation, postpartum, and parenting, and where the midwife will give an answer and solution to all these doubts.

If you are pregnant or already are a mommy, we encourage you to come, share your experience, and have a good time, all this while we enjoy a tasty breakfast.




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