5D Ultrasound

See and meet your baby before it’s born

We offer you the chance to see and meet your baby before it’s born through 4D and 5D images, in a warm, relaxed, and pleasant environment.

The emotional ultrasound does not intend to substitute the conventional diagnostic ultrasound that is completed during the pregnancy, but with this type of ultrasound, you will be able to see your baby in the most clear and detailed manner possible, living a unique and unforgettable experience.

This ultrasound can be done from 12 weeks altough we recommend to do it arround 28-30 weeks that is when we can see his face and more defined features.



Sex Reveal Ultrasound

Come and discover baby´s sex differently. We also will give you 1 printed photo.


5D Ultrasound

All digital photos + 1 printed (45min – 1hr)


2 Ultrasound Pack

To choose at any gestation. Includes all digital photos + 2 printed (1 each ultrasound)

We do also offer professional photo and video to capture this magic moment. If you wish a “surprise balloon” for sex reveal just ask.
Prices to consult