Cristina Pérez Hernández

Gynecologist and Obstetrician

Licensed in medicine and surgery (Universidad de Barcelona) and specialized in gynecology and obstetrics in the Hospital Parc Tauli de Sabadell, where I was trained and grew a lot at a professional level.

During my training, I had the opportunity of traveling to London, where I did a rotation in the King’s College hospital and was able to broaden my knowledge on fetal medicine along with the internationally renowned Dr. Nicolaides.

Since I finished my training, I have worked as a gynecologist consultant in different hospitals, both in the public sector, and the private one.

I studied a Master’s degree in Human Reproduction (Universidad complutense de Madrid) and am currently dedicating a great part of my professional time to the accompaniment in search of pregnancy, advice, and assisted reproduction techniques.

I combine my work at Matternitas with other private and public centers. I am specialized in pregnancy and delivery accompaniment for both low and high risk cases. I consider pregnancy a physiological state of women and work with the goal of normalizing and respecting the physiology, acting only when the pathology so requires. I am very sensibilized to respectful and humanized delivery, and my goal is to walk with women so that they have a good experience and can feel well accompanied and empowered.

Formar parte de la salud de la mujer en todas sus etapas, siempre me ha apasionado. Soy madre desde el 2020 y esto también ha supuesto un cambio importante en mi vida tanto a nivel personal como profesional. Ha ratificado mi visión de la importancia en el acompañamiento de las mujeres.