Child First Aid

React in an emergency

The first aid for children workshop is directed towards families, main caregivers, or personnel that work with children

At Matternitas, we believe that it is a necessary course for any person in contact with children, as it can be a decisive factor to “save lives.”

The course is theoretical-practical, and has the goal of offering the basic knowledge about how to react in the most common emergency situations that can happen in any normal place, at any moment, and for every person that completes the course knows how to act until sanitary support arrives

In addition to this, we also explain how to act in case of other domestic accidents that are not so serious.

The course includes:

  • Accident prevention
  • Bug bites
  • Allergic reactions: identification and treatment
  • Seizures, crying spells and syncopes
  • Traumatisms
  • Hemorrhages, intoxications, burns and other small accidents
  • Choking, asphyxiation and airway clearance maneuvers
  • Basic life support

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